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We are a team of two who together started working on senpaistreet.com

Who Are You?

Author – 1

About Authors

Hi! I am Akshata Jadhav from India.

I have always enjoyed story-telling and writing. Though I opted for Engineering as my career education, I used to write a few poems and short stories here and there. This hobby later turned into an online blog that I had when I was around 17 and another with a friend when I was 23. I have blogs other than Senpaistreet where I continue to write varieties of stories picked from ordinary walks of life.

Coming on the digital platform I realized how many people can you reach and connect with blogging and social media. Since anime has been a part of my childhood, I decided to write about different anime series expressing my love for anime.

I have been exploring the world of blogging since I was 17 and I still find different ways to improve.

Author – 2

Hi! I am Amarjeet Kumar. I come from India.

I come from a humble background and live in a remote village in India.

I enjoy learning about new trends, and technologies, and have a special interest in stocks.

I always found making a career out of the internet very fascinating and wanted to start something on the internet.

As a kid, I was not aware of anime and its culture which later I came across when I got exposed to the internet.

The fascinating world of anime was the reason to helped create this blog.

Currently, I am a student and a passionate blogger & internet trend explorer

Why did you create this blog?

  1. We wanted to connect with fellow anime lovers and share knowledge of anime.
  2. We wanted to combine our love for anime and writing to help people find the best of anime
  3. We wanted to share anime recommendations and upcoming best anime

What are your hobbies?

Akshata: I love listening to music, reading books related to spirituality or stories and a few podcasts for general knowledge.

Amarjeet: I love to learn about stocks and more about the internet world.

Are you open to a freelance job?

Yes! Our current expertise lies in:

  • Content Writing (can write articles outside the anime genre too)
  • LinkedIn Strategist

How many languages do you speak?

We can speak and write in three languages – English, Hindi, and Marathi.

How to contact you?

You can connect directly via email to akkshatamj@gmail.com or use this contact form.

You can also contact us directly on Senpaistreet’s Facebook page. We are open to conversation. So, feel free to reach out!

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