About Senpaistreet


Senpaistreet’s motive is to entertain and give quality recommendations and information to anime fans all around the world.

Our purpose is to add value to the anime community and to share useful information about the anime I am passionate about, though I appreciate the entire anime community, be it bloggers or YouTubers.

The anime community is so amazing that the only way to express my love for anime is by writing about it.

Senpaistreet mainly focuses on:

  • Anime Recommendations
  • Similar Anime lists
  • Top anime lists
  • Our Take on Trending Anime
  • Anime Quotes
  • Facts

You will never be bored, I promise! And hey, feel free to interact with fellow anime fans in the comments.

If you would love to connect with us feel free to shoot a mail at akkshatamj@gmail.com

Senpaistreet’s Logo was made in Canva.

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